a Tiny Book is a small publishing house with a big heart. Our Tiny Books carry playful stories of people, meetings, and the magical spaces inbetween.

Tiny Books are printed with both book-eating children and our nature in mind. Each book gladly displays the Nordic Ecolabel.

December 12th 2014 the first three Tiny Books below were published. They are probably best suited for children aged 2-3 years, although both older kids and grown ups might enjoy them.

Someone Moves In with Livvie & Mamma
A story of a tiny close-knit family making room for change. The notion of family and home, as well as dreams coming true, form the theme.

ISBN: 9789188059048

Growing In The Sink with Livvie & Mamma
A story of a tiny close-knit family’s every day adventure in the kitchen. Coworking, as well as the inherent growth potential, form the theme.

ISBN: 9789188059055

Autumn In The Wind with Livvie & Mamma
A story of a tiny close-knit family exploring nature’s autumn shroud. The seasonal changes, as well as the will to share, form the theme.

ISBN: 9789188059062


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You'll find your Tiny Books with our local resellers. Online they are found at Trissla.se.

Tiny Books measure 11x11 cm, weigh 23 g and contain 24 pages of warmth.

Nordic Ecolabel
Printed with vegetable based ink on chlorine-free uncoated paper. Therefor the Tiny Books display the Nordic Ecolabel.

Disposition of the Tiny Books
1 A tiny story
2 Something for the child to ponder
3 Something for the adult to act on

Malin Berdette

Pia Nyman

Hope you like the books as much as we do! :)